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Specialty Pizzas



Steak Bomber Pizza

Steak, Onion, Green Peppers and Mushrooms on top of our traditional sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Medium       Large

16.50           18.99


Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Bleu cheese is the base topped with mozzarella cheese, and all white, meaty boneless wings tossed in mild, medium or hot sauce.


Medium          Large

15.99               18.50


BBQ Chicken Pizza

Same as our Buffalo chicken pizza only tossed in your choice of Traditional, Honey or Chipotle BBQ sauce.



Medium           Large

16.50               18.99


Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

Our dough starts out with with olive oil and crushed garlic topped with mozzarella then we add chicken and plenty of bacon, once it bubbles and shows a hint of brown we drizzel with our homemade ranch dressing.



Medium             Large

16.50                18.99



Hawaiian Pizza

 Combination of pineapple & chunks of ham on top of our traditional sauce

and mozzarella cheese.



Medium           Large

12.99               17.99


Meat Lovers Pizza

Traditional and cup and char pepperoni, seasoned steak, sausage and salami.



Medium           Large

16.50               18.99


Garlic Parmesan Pizza

 A base of Garlic Parmesan wing sauce covered in mozzarella cheese them topped with tomatoes and cup & char pepperoni the combination is just incredible. Add onions if you prefer



Medium           Large

16.50               18.99


Mango Habanero Chicken Wing Pizza

For those that like it hot: Our freshly made dough is covered with Sweet Baby Rays Mango Habanero sauce and then covered with loads of mozzarella cheese and topped with our boneless chicken wings. Like your food a bit on the hot side we can shake the wings in more Habanero.



Med.                Large

16.50               18.99



White pizza:

Unlike other pizzeria's we don't feel that ordering a white pizza constitutes raising the price. The same crust, the same ingredients, garlic sauce instead of pizza sauce so where does the increase in price come in?

Treating our customers fair is what we believe in and pricing accordingly is what is best for you.

So when ordering our white pizza you decide on the size, & ingredients then price it out just as you would our other sizes.







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