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Our catering menu is filled with homemade specialities like our baked ziti  and chicken parmesian. All of our salds (macarono, potato, pasta ) are homemade and not out of a plastic carton. Our Pizzeria hours have no bearing on our catering menu we will do the best we can to have your order ready when ever you need it.



Going to a party and need a dish to pass?


LaPaloma Pizzeria can help.


Seasoned oven roasted potatoes

A superb blend of spices, minced

garlic and crushed herbs that make roasted potatoes taste sensational.

Macaroni Salad

This salad is light and so delicious, the perfect  dish to pass

Potato Salad

A dish that everyone loves, but hates to make. With this side you’ll be the hit of the party.

Baked Ziti

Ziti pasta baked with crushed meatballs and chunks of Italian sausage along with mozzarella cheese and our famous homemade spaghetti sauce.



Antipasto’s: Our antipasto’s start with fresh cut lettuce then layered with Italian cold cuts and provolone cheese, topped with green and black olives, chic peas, hot banana peppers, celery slices and finished off with sliced


Includes Italian or Ranch dressing

Small Antipasto (Serves 4/6)


Large Antipasto (serves 7/10)


Family Antipasto Aprox. (8 #) (serves  15/20)




Extra dressing:


5 oz  $1.00

8 oz  $1.95

16oz $3.95


Extra bread:

Garlic:  $3.25

Italian:  $1.95


Meat  & Chicken Trays


Roast Beef w/ Gravy

Large                        Medium  
Serves 25-30         Serves 10-15

 $75.00                       $45.00


Italian Sausage

w/ peppers and onions

   Large                   Medium
35 Count               20 count
Serves 20-30         Serves 10-15

 $80.00                       $50.00


Chicken Breast

Marinated & Grilled

  Large                 Medium
35 Count              20 count
Serves 20-30         Serves 10-15

   $120.00              $69.00


Side dishes with above trays

  Large            Medium

25/30             10/15

$48.00            $28.00


Oven roasted potatoes

Macaroni salad

Potato salad

Penne Pasta w/red sauce

Chef salad

Dinner rolls by the dozen







Baked Ziti

Large  Tray          Medium Tray
Serves 20-30         Serves 10-15

 $75.00                       $45.00



Manicotti or Stuffed Shells

  Large                      Medium
35 Count                  20 count
Serves 20-30         Serves 10-15

   $75.00              $45.00


Chicken Parmesan

Large                  Medium
35 Count             20 count
Serves 35         Serves 20

$120.00                $69.00







Pizza & Wing Combos

Party (Sheet) Pizza  40slices

Can be cut in hors d'oeuvres

With cheese



Small Square - 10 wings



Large Pizza - 20 wings



Large Square Pizza 24 wings



Party Pizza 50 wing



Mini Party Pizza 30 wings or boneless



Our Combo wing trays

50 wings split two different sauces



100 wings split 4 ways



50 bonless wings split 2 ways



100 Boneless wings



$1.00 charge for specialty sauces

99 cents extra 5oz blue cheese



We have a pizza to fit any size gathering from personal pan pizzas to party pizza's with 40 cuts.

Thing outside the box try a calzone or stromboli just ad your favorite ingredients. Personal or family size.

Wings and Subs

Not only do we make great pizzas, our wings and subs are legendary! With our famous wing sauce and towering subs, you're sure to find a favorite here.

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